Slow Six Private Times in Public Places

Harkening back to Beethoven’s "Eroica” symphony, the sexual and the classical aim to come together yet again, but mostly this New York collective’s debut is all about moods, whether they be sexual or otherwise. Although Slow Six touch upon minimalist composers like Arvo Part and Phillip Glass, the best musical equivalent would be Rachel’s and their intermingling of straight classical composition with abstract electronics. With the three songs further divided into certain arcs, there is much to challenge and entice the vigilant listener, while also being light and open enough to impress the casual dinner party set. Always bubbling beneath the surface, the music prefers to lounge around in its moods than actually taking you somewhere, but Slow Six probably prefers to be the band that revels in the process, rather than the payoff. Throwing on a pair of massive headphones, dimming the lights and following the ebb and flow of the strings, while also vibrating to the electronics, is the best way to appreciate such intricate composition and arrangement. To disagree with the title, Slow Six really shine in those private places, where music first grabbed onto your ears and crept into your brain, forever firing your neurons with its possibilities. (If Then Else)