Sleigh Bells "That Did It" (ft. Tink)

Sleigh Bells 'That Did It' (ft. Tink)
Noise pop duo Sleigh Bells have always had an undercurrent of hip-hop in their music, and now they've brought that to the fore by teaming up with Chicago rapper Tink for the new track "That Did It."

The song is a hyperactive onslaught of jittery drum machines, busy guitars and synths. While there are hints of Sleigh Bells' fuzzy noise-mongering — particularly in the riff-fuelled breakdown towards the end — much of the arrangement is tied together by clean acoustic strumming. Tink and Sleigh Bells share vocal duties, with the most distinctive part coming during the former's motor-mouthed opening verse.

The song is out now through Red Bull Sound Select. Producer-guitarist Derek E. Miller told Rolling Stone that the song is a leftover from 2013. "It was just sitting on my hard drive," Miller said. "There was a spark there, but it was so sugary. It put me to sleep."

Eventually they decided that Tink was the missing link. Hear the results below.