Sleeping Flies You Are Superior

The gang at Kindercore have extended their international reach yet again by teaming up with Swedish imprint Electronic Watusi Boogaloo to bring us some trippy electronics. The three-piece group known as Sleeping Flies set up the EWB label in the late ’90s as a home for their collective of artists, which includes Biowire and Jivaro. Taking their cue from Primal Scream’s Screamadelica, this release (like others on EWB) nicely fuses dance music and psychedelia; a natural result for people that can easily discuss the finer points of Andrew Weatherall’s remixing and Elephant 6 bands in the same breath. Not surprisingly, Olivia Tremor Control’s Bill Doss was at the controls in the U.S., with the final touches being added in Sweden. Doss even chips in by playing a little bass. The end result works really well, with the programmed beats blending in with funky electronics, "out of this world” vocals and Echo & the Bunnymen-style guitar work, much of which is run through backwards loops and delays. These guys might not have been part of the early ’90s "Madchester” scene, but they certainly should have been. The album’s eight tracks clock in at various lengths and tempos, ranging from the mellow groove of "Feel Like Movin’ On” and "Take Me Home” to lengthy stompers like "Enter The Jivaro Dub” or "Exit The New Heads.” Their obvious range of influences and songwriting techniques make this a groovy record from a collective of artists to keep an eye on. (Kindercore)