Sleater-Kinney "Surface Envy" / "No Cities to Love" (snippets)

Sleater-Kinney 'Surface Envy' / 'No Cities to Love' (snippets)
This fall, Sleater-Kinney surprised everyone when they announced plans to return with a new album called No Cities to Love. Before the LP arrives on January 20 through Sub Pop, fans can preview a couple of the songs.

The band talked about the new album in an extensive interview with NPR. In addition to discussing No Cities to Love at length, they previewed clips of "Surface Envy" and title track "No Cities to Love." The former is a spiky rocker with jagged blasts of six-string fuzz and a juggernaut chorus, while the later is similarly angular but a little slinkier in its art-y swagger.

"Surface Envy" starts at 19:19 (and lasts a little longer than a minute before they begin talking over it) while "No Cities to Love" begins at 32:39 (and is a slightly shorter clip).

Take a listen here.

This follows this single "Bury Our Friends."