Sleater-Kinney "Heavy When I Need It" / "The Fog and Filthy Air" (vinyl bonus tracks)

Sleater-Kinney 'Heavy When I Need It' / 'The Fog and Filthy Air' (vinyl bonus tracks)
Officially closing out a ten-year gap between albums, indie trio Sleater-Kinney delivered their brand new No Cities to Love LP today (January 20) through Sub Pop. It turns out vinyl copies of the set include a bonus cut called "Heavy When I Need It," and if you need to hear it, it's now surfaced online.

A vinyl rip from fansite Clownstein has put up the tune, a Carrie Brownstein-sung tune big on atmosphere-escaping six-string soundscapes. While initially rolling by on Janet Weiss's rumbling tom-tom fills and jarring hammer-ons, the arrangement lightens up with a spacey jam session. You'll find the bonus track down below.

UPDATE: A second bonus track called "The Fog and Filthy Air" has now surfaced. You can hear that one below as well.

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.

"Heavy When I Need It":

"The Fog and Filthy Air":