"You Against You" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 16, 2016

Repentless metal vets Slayer have laid out another ultra-bloody music video to promote their new album. Acting as a prequel to the prison riot scene in the "Repentless" vid is a gory diner bust-up scored by thrash-and-mash number "You Against You."

Directed by BJ McDonnell, it stars the same eye patch-wearing figure we saw in the earlier video, but this time he's in his civilian clothes. Though relatively deserted, the restaurant acts as a battle ground between the star and a series of gun-toting dudes he seriously roughs up. If you're not up for watching multiple stabbings, or seeing someone get shot through the foot, or face, you may want to look away.

Just for good measure, Slayer are also shown rocking out in the wreckage of a plane crash.

Full of beatings and betrayal, you'll find the prequel down below.

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