Slam Dunk Chronicle Fictional Tour with Arcade Fire in Mockumentary Film

Slam Dunk Chronicle Fictional Tour with Arcade Fire in Mockumentary Film
Arcade Fire are about to have their Reflektor tour chronicled with a documentary film, but that's not the only forthcoming flick about the Montreal group's recent live campaign. Victoria garage-rock combo Slam Dunk are releasing a film called Playing with Fire about the year they spent touring with Arcade Fire.

There's just one twist: Slam Dunk never actually toured with Arcade Fire, and a press release describes this as a "mockumentary." That said, Arcade Fire and Slam Dunk were both on the bill at the Squamish Valley Music Festival in August 2014, and if an announcement is to be believed, this was "the first show of a planned year-long tour." If that were true, it would certainly explain why Slam Dunk have been quiet for most of the past year.

The press release further explains, "Slam Dunk will never forget this trip because it has been completely documented in this devastating tale of adventure and delusion."

It seems that "delusion" is the key word here; earlier this year, the band edited themselves into a couple of Arcade Fire photos.

Watch a goofy trailer for the movie below; that's the wacky poster up above. Playing with Fire is 73 minutes long and was directed by Slam Dunk's own singer-guitarist Jordan Minkoff. The film is also said to contain an alleged new Arcade Fire song called "Irish Lad." 

Playing with Fire will premiere at Power House in Victoria on August 15. A Vancouver screening is scheduled for August 23, but a venue has yet to be announced. The film will hit YouTube in October.

This isn't the first time that Minkoff has worked as a director, as he recently helmed a Built to Spill video. Incidentally, Slam Dunk have previously gone on a real, definitely not fictitious tour opening for Built to Spill.