Slam Dunk "Dying Breed" (video)

Slam Dunk 'Dying Breed' (video)
Considering the all-out awesomeness of Victoria party rockers Slam Dunk's new sophomore set Welcome to Miami, we're certainly hoping the band aren't a "Dying Breed," as they hint at in their new single. The group do get into some thrill-seeking hi-jinx in the video for the sax-blasting track, though, so lets enjoy them while we can.

The clip bounces from backyard beer blasts and wet T-shirt contests, to a not very well-thought-out roof jump, to an even more dangerous skydiving session out of the band's airborne tour van, but thankfully no one got hurt during the raucous video shoot.

You can peep the laughy-daffy crew in the video down below.