Sky City Going...Gone

Mediocre experimental electronic has been done so much over the years that I’ve now found my first instinct is to recoil with fear under the assumption that the "music” will be self-indulgent noise with no cohesion or sense except to those who perform it. Sky City has reminded me that’s not always the case with this CD, and for that I thank them. They experiment here and that’s great, but they also have some semblance of structure and yes, melody, to the songs. They try out different sounds — everything from static-y percussion to blip-y sequences, but all with electronic bass lines giving each of the songs a definite backbone. They create some very sensual chill-out or trip-hop vibes with the grandness of soaring synth lines, but all loosely within the realm of experimentation, and most importantly, the product of this isn’t without accessibility. Their musical vision perfectly mimics the setting sunset on their album cover — vast, beautiful and multi-coloured. (Sound Gizmo)