Skrillex Handcuffed by LAPD for Playing His Music "Too Loud"

Amazingly, it was all caught on video
Skrillex Handcuffed by LAPD for Playing His Music 'Too Loud'
There's no doubt in our mind that Skrillex likes his music loud, but apparently he might like it a little too loud. Last night (April 19), he was handcuffed and detained by police for blaring his music too loud while cruising in his car.

Via a series of tweet, the EDM king revealed he was pulled over by the LAPD in Hollywood last night and handcuffed, with it all amazing filmed by a fan. You can watch the entire incident play out below.

Adding an extra layer of awesome to it all, Skrillex was playing his own music at the time, with him tweeting, "Leave it to me to play my music 'too loud."'

Then, since Skrillex was cuffed while driving in his Tesla Model X, he proceeded to shoutout Tesla founder Elon Musk, whom he gave more than a few fire emojis.

See all the tweets below for yourself.