Skrillex "Ragga Bomb" (ft. Ragga Twins) (video)

Skrillex 'Ragga Bomb' (ft. Ragga Twins) (video)
Street dancing and Star Wars appropriation go hand in hand in the South African-set video for EDM king Skrillex's new Recess single, "Ragga Bomb."

It takes a while for the video to set it off, starting with a series of mood-setting shots finding a few fellas roaming the streets with push cart's full of supplies. Their travels come across braided dancers in an underground hub, street kids tapping on drums and busting out flip moves in broad daylight and eventually coming face to face with some toughs. As the video busts into a light saber battle seemingly out of nowhere, the track heads from a deep dub pace into skittered, screeching and speedy electronics.

You can let director Terence Neale and Skrillex drop a bomb on you by giving the multimedia experience a peep down below.