Skindive Skindive

Ireland-based Skindive's debut album, the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Gerry Owens, is at times overwhelming in its complexity, gravity and intensity. With waves of samples and drum loops layered with mixes, grinding guitar and the dreamy, ethereal vocal delivery of Danielle Harrison, the album pushes the envelope in an omni-directional kaleidoscope of sound. Traces of Portishead, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack can all be picked out of the richly textured 13 songs, written and composed with a delicate sensibility that expects much from the listener. Orchestral arrangements and the overall dark moodiness that pervades throughout serve as a wink to the film industry, with Owens stating explicitly the cinematic qualities his music lends itself. Darkly ambient, at times mesmerising and bordering on brilliant, Skindive's music reflects a biting, burning passion that crashes in ecstasy and poetic gloom. (Rykopalm)