Sixth String A Typical Dream in Color

When it got unbearably hot, my mother would eventually turn on the air conditioner, but would always close the bathroom door and smacking into that closed door during many a nocturnal urination was a constant irritation, yet if the door was left wide open the rewards of a cool upstairs would decrease, and thus the both intriguing and blazingly idiosyncratic sounds of the Sixth String come to mind. Relying heavily on echoed, manipulated vocals and layered, distortion heavy guitar, but dropping that theme at a moment’s notice for light, airy chords and keyboards, the Sixth String are the destination for originality in sound. Some disagreement comes with songs like "Paperhome,” which starts like a particularly demented Sparklehorse song, but fails to coalesce due to the constant shifting of sound. Like the idea of keeping the bathroom door open, if the Sixth String were to buckle down and tighten the songs up, the energy of such originality would no doubt suffer. To beat the cliché into the ground one more time, A Typical Dream in Color seems to be anything but typical and just like a dream: all open to interpretation. (Independent)