Six Parts Seven Everywhere and Right Here

Creating some wonderful buzz over the last few years, the Six Parts Seven definitely want to take the listener on a journey, but instead of excitement that comes with the choppy waves of an early Mogwai record, it is more akin to smooth, clear water: very pretty and inspiring, but lacking that spark that sears the memory into your brain. The varied instrumentation, from lap steel to lovely vibes on "Nightlong,” does put the Six Parts Seven ahead of the usual quiet-loud gang, but the music has a hard time viscerally connecting. That isn’t to say Everywhere and Right Here doesn’t have moments of instrumental bliss, as opener "What You Love You Must Love Now” swells and seduces with every palpable guitar strum, but it still ends up feeling like a tease with some climaxes seemingly promised, yet never actually appearing. "Saving Words for Making Sense” wanders around like a motivated Angelo Badalamenti score, but yet again trails off in a wisp of whispered innuendo. Everywhere and Right Here inspires easily, but like the old saying goes, "If you’ve got nowhere to go, anywhere will take you there”. (Suicide Squeeze)