Six Organs of Admittance The Manifestation

If anyone is suited (and equipped) to pay proper praise to the divine nature of our dear sun, it’s Ben Chasny, the man who’s been emitting a deep blend of acoustic folk and searching spirituality under the Six Organs of Admittance moniker. Originally released in 2000, as a one-sided limited edition clear vinyl pressing (with a sun etched into its non-music side), "The Manifestation” is a meticulously composed and appropriately epic ode to that shimmering life-source in the sky. As it shifts throughout its sections (raga-like praise, solemn contemplation, etc.) you can’t help but awe at Chasny’s depth, both as a composer and a player. For this CD reissue Chasny recently recorded an equally epic (both tracks are over 20 minutes long) companion piece entitled "The Six Stations,” on which he actually plays the original vinyl sun etching under a stylus for a crackling background to another peaceful raga of sun-fed praise that even goes so far as to feature David Tibet reading a monologue in the middle. Now that’s what I call psych. (Strange Attractors)