SITD Stronghold

Yet another industrial effort from Germany manages to encompass all that is grey and wonderful in industrial music. On this debut effort by Carsten Jacek and Tom Lesczenski, the duo prove they will have no trouble infiltrating North America’s dark club scene. Ranging from the electric ballad "Snuff Machinery” to the emotionally charged "Laughingstock,” Stronghold offers stark music for stark people. "Lebensborn” especially highlights the intensity of their angst, by sinisterly driving home a message of anti-fascism. "Venom,” on the other hand, offers the album’s best club track, being much more danceable than the rest of the album. Admittedly, some of the songs do have a tendency to drone on too long; however, overall the group maintains an ominous sound. Optimistically, any future releases by STID will see these guys build upon the merits established in this release. (Metropolis)