Sit n' Spin Enjoy The Ride

New Jersey veterans Sit n' Spin have released their second full-length album after years of EPs and compilation tracks. The sound here is some revved-up, "girls in the garage" action mixed with a large dose of country twang and new wave. This record is extremely well recorded and the band's performances are more than up to the production values, with some tasty guitar and vocal work running throughout the album. You gotta love any group of gals who sing about drinking a lot and these little toughies have some great booze songs with the countrified "Sober" and the rollicking "Riot in the Pub." Other hot topics covered are underage desire with the lusty "Teenage Boy" and werewolf sex in "Wolfgang." Other highlights are the rocking "Crazy Sally Ann," the haunting "Girl Say No" and the fun Tex-Mex instrumental "Bandito." It's great to hear a band, male or female, take the extra effort to make a truly slick, polished album of their tunes, even though the record may only sell a few thousand copies. This record is cool because the songs are good and the band has mastered what they're doing, not because it's part of any movement or trend. (Headhunter)