Simple Plan "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" (ft. Rivers Cuomo)

Simple Plan 'Can't Keep My Hands Off You' (ft. Rivers Cuomo)
Weezer front-dude Rivers Cuomo appears to be on a one-man mission to collaborate with everyone under the sun, as he's recently worked with Katy Parry, Lil Wayne, Best Coast, Hurley from Lost and Ryan Adams. His latest collaborators? Ultra-commercial pop punks Simple Plan.

Cuomo appears on the band's new track, "Can't Keep My Hands Off You." He sings the song's second verse, which includes a goofy lyric about Fruit Roll-Ups. With its ultra-compressed guitars and bubblegum melodies, this track is as glossy as anything Rivers has ever done (and that's saying something).

This song will appear in the live-action Disney film Prom, as well as on Simple Plan's new album, due out June 21. Buy an MP3 over at the band's website or stream it below.