Simon Wilcox The Charm & The Strange

Though still known by some solely as the daughter of David, Simon Wilcox has made a musical name for herself over the years, and has done so largely on the strength of her songwriting abilities. (She has penned hits for Three Days Grace, among others.) She is perhaps not as well known for her own solo work, though this may be about to change. The Charm & The Strange, her third album, is an unabashedly radio-friendly affair (in the good way) full of well-produced, smart pop songs. The insistent beat and build-up of lead single "Eyes On You,” which also comes with a French translation, is reminiscent of Arcade Fire, while the moody dance rock of "Anyone Close” recalls Metric and "Mother’s Ruin” is an anthemic approximation of the two. This is not to say that Wilcox doesn’t have her own musical voice. "Bored” is a rock or two heavier than anything Emily Haines has attempted to date, while the lovely "Stars Are Gone” is an album standout and ample evidence of Wilcox’s considerable songsmith skills. (Maple)