Simian Mobile Disco / Various Fabriclive.41

Fans of Simian Mobile Disco expecting distorted electro, à la Ed Banger, and to a lesser extent, SMD’s first disc, Attack Decay Sustain Release, on their new Fabriclive album should look elsewhere. Fabriclive.41, as mixed by SMD, pulls a bit of everything together: psychedelic throwbacks, gritty interludes that permeate the latter half of the disc and the distinct sound of stripped-down disco. Nearly halfway through, the album seems to reach its peak, wind down and start its way back up again using minimal beats and elements. "Huncut Hacuka” by Fine Cut Bodies shows a spattering of gritty synth before Deadmau5 vs. Jelo’s "The Reward is Cheese” runs with it, definitely kicking up the disc. The highlight by far is the second last track, "Flash” by Green Velvet, which is rife with explosive, dirty percussion that segues nicely into the closing. (Fabric)