Silver Jews Spark Reunion Rumours

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 8, 2015

Something appears to be brewing in the Silver Jews camp, with a recent Facebook post from band member Bob Nastanovich suggesting the long-inactive group could be back together.

Last night (January 7), Nastanovich uploaded a picture apparently taken "after Jews practice" in Virginia, and shows the group relaxing with a round of beers, Stereogum points out. No other news has been delivered beyond this, so it's unclear if this is a reunion announcement, or if it's just the guys getting together for a little fun.

While a posthumous, annals-scouring collection called Early Times was delivered in 2012, band leader David Berman officially pulled the plug on Silver Jews in 2009. At the time, he explained that it was the right moment to call it quits, explaining, "I always said we would stop before we got bad. If I continue to record I might accidentally write the answer song to [R.E.M.'s] 'Shiny Happy People.'"

While having undergone lineup changes, Silver Jews was formed by Berman and Pavement members Nastanovich and Stephen Malkmus in 1989. The original run of the band rolled out various singles and six full-length album releases, capping with 2008's Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea.

UPDATE: In an interview with Wondering Sound, Nastanovich confirmed that Silver Jews are working on two new tracks: "The Veranda over the Toy Shoppe" and "Wacky Package Eyes." He added, though, that it's doubtful the group will tour, and they won't be working on any new music for at least the next month. 

UPDATE 2: Silver Jews leader David Berman has now written the whole thing off as a prank on Bob's part, telling Nashville Scene, "Bob pulled a prank. [He] tried to scotch my J.D. Salinger setup!"

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