Silicone Soul Staring into Space

Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie are back at it with their second album for Soma, the label that first discovered Daft Punk and put Scotland on the map when it comes to all things house. Staring into Space is consistently deep house from one track to the next and although there are a few thumpers, the songs that truly shine are the deeper cuts. The opener, "When the Devil Drives,” has a decidedly ’60s feel that comes up from the deep organ groove and sweet trumpet lines with spacey synth textures that float atop the rhythms. Inspired by Parisian nightlife, "Les Nocturnes” bumps while "Inferno” drives, and yet the tracks stay true to the dub influenced sense of space that the brothers Silicone are known for. "Feeling Blue,” a vocal house cut with a strong hook, is by far the track with the most commercial potential and it should get significant airtime on more discerning dance floors around the globe. All in all, Staring into Space is a great album from a consistently solid Glasgow duo. (Soma)