Sigur Rós Now Have Their Own CBD Tinctures

"WAKE" and "SLEEP" arrive in partnership with VONA
Sigur Rós Now Have Their Own CBD Tinctures
From flavoured THC edibles to a fancy blanket that costs $420, Sigur Rós have long been about bettering feelings of bliss. Now, they'll continue that mission with the launch of their own CBD tinctures.

The Icelandic outfit have teamed up with VONA for a pair of CBD tinctures dubbed "SLEEP" and "WAKE." As their names indicate, "SLEEP" will lead you to "drift off into the ethereal," while "WAKE" will "help you start your day feeling alive."

When it comes to taste, SLEEP features notes of "spiced rose and lemon," while WAKE features flavours of "fresh citrus pine."

A 1,000 mg bottle of either tincture — containing full-spectrum 100 percent organic, gluten- and vegan-friendly CBD — currently goes for $58 USD. At present, the pair of CBD tinctures are only available in the United States.

Further details on the tinctures can be found through VONA's website.

This past April, Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi teased the arrival of new solo music. Next month, he'll appear on a new album from Juliana Barwick.