Sights Are You Green?

These guys look and sound like the nerdy little brothers of fellow Motor City rockers the Go. The Sights come out of the gate all lo-fi retro-rock-y but then switch gears quickly into the ’60s pop of "Want Is You." In fact, there is a lot of stuff here that almost sounds like a low-rent Sloan, complete with high harmony vocals, as with "Sorry" and "Not One to Beg." I guess there is bit of a Mod thing going on here too, as songs like "I Can’t Stand You" shows. These guys can sing, and they obviously have a knack for writing the odd good hook, but the musicianship itself comes off a bit half-assed and puts these guys in the dreaded "not slick enough to be a commercial pop band, yet too poppy and clean to have any underground appeal" category. (Fall of Rome)