Siberian With Me

They should be called Generation Radiohead, those music fans and musicians who had their formative years spanning the first three Radiohead albums and continue to find them the pinnacle of their ambitions. You see, within those three albums the combination of the emotional pining vocals, the ringing, layered guitars and a slight British sensibility found its pinnacle. And, being a part of Generation Radiohead, every time some band hits these three hallmarks it melts my inner critic. Though not from the UK, Siberian indeed hit those magic buttons and thus have crafted one hell of a catchy, emotional power chord guilty pleasure of an album. "Paper Birds” is a lovely little rock number, with Finn Parnell’s full voice interspersed between the big guitars and drums, wooing you easily. Actually, most of the songs follow the above pattern, like the crunchy pop of "Futuristic Kids,” and each one is ready-made for radio domination. The one that rises above the formula is the closer, "Islands Forever,” which has some amazing echoed guitars at the epic song’s climax. Really, it’s eminently listenable and definitely, definitely an album that had me guiltily reaching for the repeat button. (Sonic Boom)