Shy Child Please Consider Our Time

This is the first release by NYC-based Shy Child, who list their influences as '70s rock, '80s synth pop and '90s electronica, which pretty much sums it up. Classic analog keyboard sounds with live drums and occasional heavy reverb vocals make up the majority of the album, and their musicianship and skill are quite obvious on the album's nine tracks. For the most part, rhythms are disjointed, like a mix of prog rock and jazz, although the keyboards and electronics take centre stage for the most part. Their style can best be described as a mix of old OMD and Rush, which is admittedly a scary proposition. Overall, the sound is a bit confusing, and the complex nature of the arrangements makes this a challenge to listen to at some points. Still, there is a lot of promising material, like the epic "Great Expectations," and it shows a lot of confidence for a debut release. (Grenadine)