Shut-In Would Never Hope Happen

As the new project of ex-Pecola bassist and second vocalist Craig Thompson, it follows fans will likely bob their heads in approval hearing this debut EP; to reduce this band to mere successor status though, would tell only half the story. True, Craig's lyrics continue to be stern-browed evocative brevity that makes it damn near imperative to read along. However, an element that's maybe even more sharply honed here than in the trashier, bluesier Pecola is the use of bass as the central riff, allowing guitarists Joey Meyer and Zak Hanna (also ex-Pecola) to concentrate on a ringing barebones counterpoint base that reverses the typical anchor-lead relationship. Call it a weak paraphrase, but Would Never Hope Happen is further proof of the Kosher Rock army getting stronger every step it takes. (Kosher Rock)