Shout Out Louds Reveal 7-Inch Made of Ice

Shout Out Louds Reveal 7-Inch Made of Ice
Not having released an album since 2010's Work, you could speculate that Stockholm pop unit Shout Out Louds have seemingly been put on ice the last little while. It turns out the band have been prepping a fourth full-length effort, though, and are previewing the platter with a chilly gimmick: a 7-inch made of ice.

The troupe revealed that they prepped a limited run of 7-inch box sets for the track "Blue Ice," which can only be played as a frozen slab. As you can see in the video below, the kit comes with a mould and a bottle of water, and suggests that you leave the platter in the freezer for at least six hours for optimal results. At least in the clip, the record looks a little wobblier than if they had opted for traditional black wax, but it's a cool concept, nonetheless.

Though most of the 10 sets have already been sent to select friends and members of the press, you can enter a contest to win one of the collector's item by emailing your address to [email protected]

If, by chance, the icy item didn't strike you as the best way to preview the new tune, you can also check it out in the stream below.

Details on Shout Out Louds' fourth LP have yet to be delivered in full, but it's expected to arrive sometime next year through Merge.