Shotmaker All Inclusive: The Complete Discography 1993-1996

Boy, when they say complete, they mean complete. This two-disc set compiles every studio recording this vastly under appreciated Fugazi-esque Ottawa art-core trio recorded in reverse order. The package opens with the 1996 Mouse Ear album, and for the next 140 minutes traces their music back through splits, seven-inches and the Crayon Club LP. Also included are the compilation contributions and their original demo. There are also three previously unavailable songs thrown in for good measure. Also includes all the lyrics and a raft of live photos taken by renowned punk rock photojournalist Shawn Scallen. Interestingly, with the exception of the Mouse Ear tracks, all the music here is recorded straight off the original vinyl releases because the original DAT masters are unavailable. However you look at this package - as an excellent way to familiarise yourself with one of the greatest bands that never was or a convenient way for fans to store their music - this is essential listening. (Troubleman)