Shotgun Jimmie Announces 'Everything, Everything' LP

Shotgun Jimmie Announces 'Everything, Everything' LP
Since the breakup for Shotgun & Jaybird, Canuck songwriter Jim Kilpatrick has released a string of solo works as Shotgun Jimmie. The latest of these is Everything, Everything, due out March 26 through You've Changed Records.

The album was recorded by Jimmie using a four-track in a snowy cabin next to Lake Clementi, MB. He performed the songs largely by himself, although there is a small scattering of guests including Julie Doiron. The sonic touchstones reportedly range from Guided By Voices to acoustic psych to sci-fi.

A press release notes, "This is not the story of a love-wounded man, lost within his own beard, singing sad heartbreak, reclusive. No! Jimmie's gone to the woods to sing the joys of love, and travel, and sunny climates! Like the bioluminescence, he's positively aglow!"

All told, the album includes 16 songs. These were laid down following Kilpatrick's tour as a member of John K. Samson's backing band. Scroll past the tracklist to stream the rocking album opener "Standing in a Line," which clocks in at barely more than a minute.

Everything, Everything follows 2011's Transistor Sister.

Everything, Everything:

1. Standing in a Line
2. Big Sur
3. Growing Like a Garden
4. Adventure in the Heart
5. Last Night
6. Carry On
7. Sum of My Parts
8. 3212
9. Ladyhawk
10. North!
11. Skype Date
12. Bridge Street Stage
13. Over a Million
14. Proud Champions
15. I Will Climb Mountains
16. Everything, Everything