Shotgun Jimmie 'Pinball Session' (live-in-studio) / "North" (video)

Shotgun Jimmie 'Pinball Session' (live-in-studio) / 'North' (video)
Canadian indie rock songsmith Shotgun Jimmie released the stellar Everything, Everything earlier this year, and now he's become the latest artist to record a Pinball Session.

Following a short spoken intro, Jimmie plays four songs. Three of these — "North," "Standing in a Line" and "Big Sur" — come from Everything, Everything, and he also plays the title track from 2011's Transistor Sister. The performances are a little sparser than the recorded versions, but he's as charmingly lyrical as ever.

Go here to listen to the session, and read about the Pinball Sessions here.

Speaking of Shotgun Jimmie and his song "North," he just released a video for that Alaska-themed track. Watch that down below.

Pinball Session:

1. Intro
2. North

3. Standing an a Line

4. Transistor Sister

5. Big Sur