Shoot the Moon Where Strangers Live EP

A strangely intriguing mix of cabaret and emotive rock, Shoot the Moon’s admirable talents should give them a good chance in the third wave of Montreal hype. From opener "Purple B,” the best thing going for this band is Nadia Bashalani’s evocative vocal styles that, with better harnessing, could give Shoot the Moon a seat at the new cabaret table. Not stopping in that genre, "Tales From the Sea” goes for the indie pop heart and puts Bashalani to the background to create a jumpy, addictive rush. While the pop atmosphere continues with "Rude Awakening,” this one falters just a tad as even the vocal interplay doesn’t help the somewhat mundane music. Of course, heading back to the cabaret angle, closer "Where Strangers Live” assures definite attention for whatever further recordings await them. A slow burn, Bashalani returns to tease the listener with glimpses of her powerful voice, slightly touching a peak about two minutes in. Despite the lack of payoff, she dominates the song and if her magnetism is as powerful in the live setting as it is on this song, Shoot the Moon will definitely have the heads turning. (Independent)