Shook Ones Slaughter of the Insole

Bursting at the seams with explosive energy, this seven-inch is just over eight minutes of memorable melodic punk that is more than a little reminiscent of early Lifetime. With two originals and a cover of Leatherface’s "Not a Day Goes By,” the band recall the frantic honesty of 7 Seconds with all the intense pop sensibility of the East coast melodic hardcore scene. Beginning with a short-but-sweet Descendents-style bass riff and a "one two!” shout, "Slaughter of the Insole” kicks into high gear, with vocals buried under the explosion of guitar and double-time drums. It’s not until things slow down about halfway through the song that the melodic sensibility of the band leaps into plain view, bringing it to a whole new level. The breakdown that closes "So Grown Up,” the band’s second original contribution, is easily the most intense moment on the whole record with massive gang vocals and all the emotional vigour five individuals could ever hope to muster in one song. (Revelation)