Shocking Pinks "Singles"

Shocking Pinks 'Singles'
When DFA ruled the school of cool back in 2002 it was so untouchable that even Black Dice were making great records. As of late though, the boutique label hasn’t done much to sustain its reputation. Shit Robot have yet to prove their terrible name wrong, and the jury’s still out for me on recent signings prinzhorn dance school and their new full-length. It’s nice then to see an act like New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks join the roster and help out LCD Soundsystem from doing it all on their own. The project of now former Brunettes drummer (wise choice!) Nick Harte, Shocking Pinks follows an "anything goes" template that hits on anything it deems attractive, be it drugged out drone, supernatural ballads and simple, clanging lo-fi pop. (If this Kiwi doesn’t have Throbbing Gristle and/or Spacemen 3 in his record collection than my name is mud.) The result is a frantic yet exhilarating rush that feels a lot like the new Marmoset record. EMI has set up a nice player to sample a number of Harte’s singles and remixes, plugging his forthcoming self-titled album (a compilation of two records he released on Flying Nun back in 2005), slated for September 25. Prior to that release, a series of Shocking Pinks seven-inches will hit shops, some of which can be heard here, including a "very DFA” Glimmer Twins remix.

Shocking Pinks "Singles”