Shit and Shine Küss mich, meine Liebe

Leave it to the home of Lightning Bolt and Pink and Brown to chuck Shit and Shine through the suburban basement windows of North America. This league of un-crafty, London-based noiseniks have been ripping open chest cavities in Europe since the early 2000s, getting props from sources as disparate as The Wire and Terrorizer. Low end, lo-fi and very lowbrow, the band rotate a dozen or so drummers in and out of active duty, filling what little space is left with distorted shouts and cheap electronic feedback. The resulting squall sounds a little like elephants toppling Stonehenge onto Sunn O))). Two previously released show staples, "Biggest Cock in Christendom” and "Toilet Door Tits,” are reintroduced in their mud-baked panoramic splendour. These longer tracks are most successful gob-stopping examples of Shit and Shine’s ability to hypnotize with hammers. Where’s your head at? (Load)