Shit Cook Part Knife EP

Shit Cook are frying up some quality noise out Nova Scotia way. The Halifax-based project, who centre around chief dude Chik White, combine a brazenly nihilistic and anti-commercial sensibility to making swathes of anti-music — it’s just serious enough that it retains a sense of purpose, but freewheeling enough not to feel stifled or overly self-important. Distorted guitar sounds bend and unwind, occasional bouts of distorted screaming writhe about, unhinged metronome-like tapping and machine-like whirring intermingle, etc, and none of it’s around long enough to overstay its welcome. If anything, you wish some of the brief excerpts that comprise this EP would stay around a while longer and draw you further into their dark, shadowy hideaways, considering how noise music is often more about following the course of a mood than expounding brief sentiments. Nevertheless, Part Knife is an intriguing and impressive EP that captures a young act in the midst of all their youthful vigour, and a healthy shot of promising stuff from our country’s growing noise underground. (Divorce)