Shellac Detail 'Dude Incredible' LP

Shellac Detail 'Dude Incredible' LP
Shellac, the legendary post-punk trio that counts Steve Albini as its frontman, have been hinting at a new album for a while, and now they've delivered the full details.

Called Dude Incredible, and not Dude, Incredible as originally thought ("There is no comma in 'Dude Incredible'; like Sir Duke or King Friday, for example," the press release notes), the album follows up Shellac's beloved 2007 effort Excellent Italian Greyhound.

The LP features nine new songs from the band and was recorded at Albini's Electrical Audio studios. It was mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road.

Aside from announcing the LP, the group promise that the record "will have no formal promotion," adding, "There will be no advertisements, no press or radio promotion, no e-promotion, no promotional or review copies, no promotional gimmick items, and otherwise no free lunch."

In fact, a press release notes that the release won't even come with a tour. "The band will continue to play shows or tour at the same sporadic and relaxed pace as always. There is no correlation between shows and record releases."

Dude Incredible will be released on September 16 via Touch and Go. The album's cover art is available above, while the tracklisting is below.

Dude Incredible:

1. Dude Incredible
2. Compliant
3. You Came in Me
4. Riding Bikes
5. All the Surveyors
6. The People's Microphone
7. Gary
8. Mayor/Surveyor
9. Surveyor