She & Him Set Volume Two for March Release

She & Him Set <i>Volume Two</i> for March Release
The mere mention of the phrase "actress-turned-singer" is enough to illicit a groan from most music fans, but Zooey Deschanel has managed to make the transition smoother than anyone else in recent memory (sorry, Jennifer Love Hewitt). Of course, it helps that Deschanel is a mega-babe with an impressive filmography, but there's no denying her gorgeous voice and poignant songwriting.

Deschanel (who recently married Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard) previously hinted that she would be releasing a new album with She & Him, her collaboration with singer-guitarist M. Ward. Now, the news is official.

Merge has announced that on March 23 the label will release the aptly named Volume Two, a record Deschanel calls a "feel-good album." This follow-up to 2008's Volume One is a 13-track offering that includes a cameo by Tilly & the Wall, as well as covers of songs by NRBQ and country pop crossover star Skeeter Davis. If these cover choices are any indication, the album will feature more of the same retro folk pop that made Volume One such a charming album.

Also, look for a tour in the new year.

Volume Two:

1. "Thieves"
2. "In the Sun" (ft. Tilly & the Wall)
3. "Don't Look Back"
4. "Ridin' in My Car" (NRBQ cover)
5. "Lingering Still"
6. "Me and You"
7. "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" (Skeeter Davis cover)
8. "Home"
9. "I'm Gonna Make It Better"
10. "Sing"
11. "Over It Over Again"
12. "Brand New Shoes"
13. "If You Can't Sleep"