Sharpkid Welcome to our World

Sleazy punk glam at it’s finest — with mosh pit speed guitars for that added zing. Although slamming around violently in PVC isn’t an ideal situation, Sharpkid make it sound like it would be so much fun. Sharpkid are the real snotty deal. The speedy bad-ass wank guitar sound polluting opener “Teenage Hooligan” is ever so wonderful. “Innocent Love” is ass shaking good. Being welcomed into Sharpkid’s world is about as sexy as living in a squat, though — “Winter” and “Time” lack the ball-dangling sound of the first two songs. Sharpkid need the over-the-top ego to pull their music off, and when they do, on “Teenage Hooligan” and “Innocent Love,” it’s fantastic. (Fading Ways)