Sharp Ease Going Modern

The Sharp Ease start this album off by walking all over sharp, poppy guitars on the opener "Shock Value,” and end up stomping all over the song until it’s a delightful pile of noise. With a style that can be likened to the Raincoats, these four girls push and pull their way through 12 tracks that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. Vocalist Paloma Parfrey has a voice that hisses and pops and shrieks with an amphetamine urgency, while members Christine Kings, Dana Barenfeld, and Sara Musser provide adorable shout-outs in the background. "From the Dodge” sounds like a it’s falling into a frenzy, with Parfrey breathing her words out frantically as Kings beats the shit out of her drum kit. This L.A. band keeps their effects to a minimum, choosing instead to let their music happen naturally through sheer energy. Going Modern has a sparkle and shine to it that leaves a big impression after only one listen. (OlFactory)