Shannon Lyon Bound

Canadian bard Shannon Lyon has taken a self-exile in Holland. His love affair with the country is documented in his newest songs, nine of which show up on this live album, the first in the artist's career. Recorded in the Lexor Theatre in Heerlan, Bound captures a single unadulterated performance with Lyon on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals and restrained back-up courtesy of Harrie Brekelmans (pedal steel) and Robin Berlijn (electric guitar). The 17-track CD is weighed heavily with newer songs from current release, Wandered, but also spans through Lyon's back catalogue with cuts dating back to Summer Blonde and even Tales of a Yellow Heart, making this collection in some ways similar to a "best of." What makes this set most appealing is the strong performance Lyon puts in - voice slightly haggard from touring, his older material comfortable, his newer fresh. The only drawback is that the backing musicians are recorded too far back in the mix, making most tracks appear as solo rather than combo versions. (Busted Flat)