Shadow Dancer Golden Tracks

This is Shadow Dancer's first full-length release after three EPs on Boysnoise Records. Brothers Alan and Paul Farrier create music on Golden Tracks at a frenetic yet meticulous pace. Truth be told though, you'll have to be a major beat head to get into this. These tracks hold clarity in imagination and are streamlined for the dance floor. That's why this record makes more sense in the hands of a DJ than in your car stereo. DJs could work magic with these unusual mathematical tracks. There's a wide and varied vat of digital sound combinations (like those in videogames, Detroit techno or the opening music to celebrity gossip TV) — acid sounds revisited. The combination of uplifting, confusing and driving emotions found on this record promotes divergence in sound. Whether you play techno, electro or house music these Golden Tracks might find a place in your DJ set. (Boysnoize)