Sex With Strangers "Behaviours" (video)

Sex With Strangers 'Behaviours' (video)
Prolific Vancouver dance-rock troupe Sex with Strangers are still busy repping last year's Behaviours, and now they've shared a video for the collection's title track.

The song starts off with cinematic synths and vocals, and it gets a little squelchier and harder hitting as it moves along. As for the accompanying video, the band provided this detailed backstory for the clip:

Residing outside major cities, "Valley Sweepers" wait for the victims of "De-animators," known more accurately as cybernetic "soul stealers." De-animators prey on the human psyche draining it much like a leach does blood. Within 24 hrs of being de-animated a human enters into the state of "Limbo," an unconscious state, one step from death. Within this period of time the human must be visited by a "Valley Sweeper" and receive particle emitting or they will die. Valley Sweepers are humans who have sacrificed their own bodies in order to facilitate the process of particle emitting.  

Valley Sweeper "Pragal" has been pre-warned by his black market dealing "Particle Provider" Mr. Lude, that the city's most notorious De-animator "Swindle Rose," will be arriving within the day. Dumping his victims in the fields of the outer city limits, Swindle Rose is not one to be trifled with. Having had previous encounters with Mr. Rose, Pragal waits cautiously in the woods near Swindle''s favourite dumping zone.  

Depleted resources, limited time and a wife held hostage in permanent "limbo" by black market dealers, Pragal must find a way to save and deliver the De-animated human to his black market dealer in order to repay his debt. But what is real and what is not in a darkened world that has left reason in the hands of those without a conscience?

Watch the clip below, and download the song for free at Bandcamp.

Sex With Strangers will also be playing Toronto's NXNE on June 14 at the Hideout.