Sex Pistols' Glen Matlock Says Iggy Pop's Penis Is "Not That Impressive"

"I got a bit fed up with seeing it, to be honest"

Photos (from left): Glen Matlock by Hip and Funky, Iggy Pop by Rick Clifford

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 26, 2023

Has anyone ever truly solicited a dick pic? Glen Matlock isn't sure, and reckons the IRL version might be even less appealing. Reflecting on his time touring with Iggy Pop, the former Sex Pistol admitted that he got a little tired of seeing the punk icon's sex pistol onstage.

Promoting his forthcoming solo album Head on a Stick in a new interview with The Times, Matlock recalled being victim to Pop's flashing tendencies in the late '70s and early '80s — perhaps fearing he'll meet the same fate when he plays with Pop and Blondie in London this summer.

Matlock played bass on Pop's 1980 album Solider after touring with him the year prior. It sounds like the ageless incendiary baring it all onstage was less of a will-he, won't-he and more of a resounding willy.

"The problem with flashing your willy on stage is that you have to get ready to flash your willy on stage," Matlock explained — and Pop was nothing short of meticulously prepared, even in an era before Tommy Lee could introduce the innovative stage trick of pulling a literal wiener dog out of your pants.

"And he always did it in front of me," the ex-Pistol said of the work that went into removing the junk from Pop's trunk in front of an audience. "I got a bit fed up with seeing it, to be honest. It's not that impressive."

Matlock's comments are eerily familiar. They seem to echo something his once-his bandmate, guitarist Steve Jones, said last year about never listening to the Sex Pistols' music: "I'm fucking tired of it, to be honest." Jones would simply rather listen to Steely Dan, and that's okay.

The guitarist also told Exclaim! that he was sick of the controversy that has always surrounded the groundbreaking punk band — it's all about as expected as Pop dropping trou.

The Stooges bandleader released his star-studded latest album Every Loser earlier this month, and recently revealed that he was once asked to join AC/DC.

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