Seth Rogen Has Some Harsh Words for the Vancouver Guy Defying the Coronavirus Lockdown

Said the Whale, Tanya Tagaq, Ed the Sock and Grant Lawrence also got into the fray

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 14, 2020

Over the weekend, an extremely ill-advised "protest" against the coronavirus lockdown took place in Vancouver, and a participant named Dan Dicks posted a video on Twitter decrying the supposed "tyranny" of shutdowns. Naturally, the video has generated plenty of angry responses — including one particularly blunt one from Vancouver's own Seth Rogen.

In a tweet responding to the video, Rogen had this to say to the dude complaining about COVID-19 lockdowns:
Rogen isn't the only media personality to roast the COVID-spreading gathering. Smugglers vocalist (and CBC journalist) Grant Lawrence listed off some helpful stats, while Said the Whale responded with a simple, well-put "you fuckin dipshit." Ed the Sock and Tanya Tagaq also got pulled into the fray. See their responses below.

In a sadly obvious twist of irony, the more that people defy coronavirus lockdowns, the more the virus will continue to spread, causing the lockdowns to last longer and become stricter.

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