Selci Is a Canadian Cannabis Hero

"It is shocking to me that it was illegal to begin with"
Selci Is a Canadian Cannabis Hero

Hailing from Calgary, Selci makes dreamy alt-pop with an undercurrent of club-ready electronic music. EPs like 2020's A Soft Place and 2018's Effervescence place her R&B-tinged croons atop washes of etherial synths, rat-a-tatting hip-hop hi-hats and thumping bass.

Although cannabis used to play a key role in her music-making process, she now find that high-THC weed heightens her anxiety. That's why she's switched to CBD strains, sometimes mixed with tobacco. Ahead of her debut full-length, Fallen Woman (due out this fall), we caught up with Selci to learn why she's embracing bongs, what she looks for in a cannabis store, and why her dad can't get mad at her for being a stoner.

What do you smoke and how do you consume it?

CBD, baby. Usually anything over 10 percent THC makes me wile out. I got into CBD and it's truly a revelation. My favourite way to smoke it is spliffs, but I've been on the bong lately to cut town tobacco use. I just got a real pretty bong, and it's incredibly satisfying. 

What do you like to do when you smoke?

Usually, it's at the end of the day to kick back and relax. Or on a day off I might wake and bake. I used to get really nice and baked and write music and make beats, but since THC started making my anxiety worse, I mostly smoke it to relax before bed. 

What do you think about the recent changes in cannabis culture? 

I am very hyped on its legalization. Less drug-related arrests for the win! It is shocking to me that it was illegal to begin with. In my opinion, it's less harmful than alcohol. I really like that I always know what I am getting, because I am highly sensitive and the wrong strain can be so wrong. Plus, now my dad can't get pissed off at me for being a stoner anymore. Most of the stores remind me of Apple Stores or hospitals, which is a bit of a turn-off, but I have my cute spot down the corner that I frequent. 

Where in your city is great for cannabis? 

Four20 Premium Market on 17 Avenue is great because they carry half-ounces of CBD, so I don't have to buy an eighth every few days. Beltline Cannabis is very quaint. It's in a small house, so it's got a homey vibe. Dutch Love Cannabis in Mission is also very lovely. Lots of plants inside, and the staff are sweet and give me fresh packs every time because CBD tends to dry out. Those are my top three for sure.

Are there hidden (or not-so-hidden) cannabis references in your music? 

Yes! On "A Soft Place," the title track off my last EP, there is a direct reference in the line, "A heart is a soft place / The very best strain / We'll smoke it all day / No shame / A natural taste."

Who are your Canadian cannabis heroes? 

This is a tricky one. No one famous that I can think of, but probably my friends that own Le Freak, a vintage store in Calgary; my friend Lindsay Woolgar, who is an iconic bass player in Winnipeg; Gaby Ocejo, a close friend and amazing guitarist also in Winnipeg; or my friend Haley Gunn, who is in the band Window Lamp. They are all cannabis legends. 

Can you give us an update about your plans for new music, what you're working on, etc? 

I am featured on a track with Calgary producer Sodhivine coming out March 9, and I have another single coming out in April called "Type and Send" that's an '80s pop banger. Then I am revving up for my first full-length album, entitled Fallen Woman, set to come out this fall.

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