Security Footage Allegedly Captures Solange Attacking Jay Z

Security Footage Allegedly Captures Solange Attacking Jay Z
Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles have a seemingly perfect fairytale romance, but now the insanely rich and successful couple have seemingly hit a snag in their family life, as footage has emerged of Beyoncé's sister Solange allegedly attacking the rapper.

As you'd expect, the news comes via TMZ, which has acquired security camera footage of the incident. It took place in an elevator, and while the shoddy black and white video makes it difficult to tell exactly what's going on, we see a woman (apparently Solange) flying into a rage and attempting to punch a man in a white tuxedo (who appears to be Jay Z).

Even after Solange is physically restrained, she continues to try to kick Hova. Beyoncé looks to be standing by and isn't directly involved in the altercation. This reportedly occurred last Monday (May 5) following the Meta Gala in New York. They had been at an after-party in the Standard Hotel.

There's also footage of the three leaving the building together. Solange and Beyoncé got into one car, while security escorted Jay Z to another.

Watch footage of the elevator incident below.

UPDATE: You can now watch a longer version of the attack below.