Secret Mommy 'Live DJ Set Summer 2011'

Secret Mommy 'Live DJ Set Summer 2011'
Vancouver outsider producer Secret Mommy is best known for the glitched-out cut-ups of his proper albums, but the artist also known as Andy Dixon is also a capable DJ who can keep you going all night long. Take this 53-minute mix, for example, which was recorded straight off the board from a recent party.

Described as "improvised remixes, 'mash ups' and straight up killer tracks," the mix features the following loose tracklisting:

Roughly: George Abila, Deisgner Drugs (Nadastrom remix), Major Lazer, Diplo, Kid Sister, Tittsworth, Basement Jaxx, The Supremes, Justin Timberlake, The Isley Brothers, The Rapture, Stardust, The Rolling Stones, Lykke Li, Drake, Neptunes, Beyonce, LCD Soundsystem, The Dixie Cups, Adele, The Stooges, ODB, El Guincho, Simon & Garfunkel, Sean Garret, Usher, Jeremiah, The Weeknd

Check it out below.

Secret Mommy - Live DJ Set Summer 2011 by secretmommy