Second Chance NL Tides May Turn

With a machismo attitude, metallic guitar chugging, steadily pounding percussion, and oozing with Brotherhood, Second Chance NL are Europe’s tribute to Slapshot, Agnostic Front, Warzone, and Sick Of It All. Along with their aggressive hardcore tendencies comes a certain amount of mediocre melodic song construction. Unfortunately the band doesn’t realise until the second half of the CD that speed isn’t everything and that in the band’s slower moments they display far more power and increase the band’s musical weight. And by track nine, Second Chance NL finally delivers the album’s best song, "Teenage Tragedy.” Sadly, for a band that has been together for eight years, they fall short on showing any real promise for the future. Second Chance NL sings aloud about learning from one’s mistakes, and hopefully they’ll take that message to heart and rethink their next recording session. (Gangstyle)