Second Audio Program Second Audio Program

We’ve all heard of Sweatin’ To The Oldies, but Sweatin’ To The Metal? I tested a theory with this CD. I grabbed my DVD copy of Fame, skipped to the big dance/workout sequence, hit mute and put on Second Audio Program’s debut as the soundtrack in its place. It was a perfect fit and choreographed nearly step-for-step. Beefy licks and driving beats charge every track on SAP’s debut EP, making it the perfect CD for some muscle head to put on repeat during a workout set. Unfortunately, that’s the only praise the disc really merits. There’s nothing particularly interesting or catchy about the Boston quartet’s work. Like a group of habitual marathon runners, SAP simply retread the ground previously run by Limp Bizkit, Godsmack and Tommy Lee. The four tracks on the EP only really differ in the actual lyrics as several of the melodies, hooks and progressions are so similar they could be a remix of the previous song. It’s all just bland and feels prefabricated. (Independent)